Finance – UNI eBook 2nd Edition

businessman and chartFundamentals of Corporate Finance 2nd Edition provides a groundbreaking combination of theoretical understanding and problem-solving, as well as intuition, decision-making, etc. in the field of finance. It combines the authors’ classroom and research experience along with up to date examples of real world and online practice.

It was written by Robert Parrino, David Kidwell, and Thomas Bates with the belief that pupils who comprehend the underlying basic concepts of finance and can then progress and learn the critical judgments they need to relate to the appropriate financial tools when faced with having to make real life decisions.

The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 2nd Edition helps students develop intuitive thinking while concurrently helping them to learn problem resolving and computational talents. Plus, it shows them how to do this and integrate it with valuation and constructing shareholder values.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 2nd Edition also is sold with iStudy, which has videos and interactive modules used to test readers on what they know and understand about the course. It works on several operating systems.

Some of its Vital Features

Each chapter of the Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition is introduced by Australian and New Zealand companies which give it a context for real world financial ideas. These companies that provide examples include several restaurants, Wesfarmers, Patties Foods, Harvey Norman, Qantas, BHP Billiton and Myer.

The book has key point boxes to show the main vital financial concepts, along with examples and explanations.

Some of the examples have typical quantitative problems which have step-by-step resolutions so that students will know exactly how each problem was solved.

New Sections: Some of the new sections include:

  1. Chapter three has a new section on investor cash flows.
  2. Section 7.4 has a discussion on the Sharpe Ratio to aid students in developing a stronger instinct on the relationship between risk and return.
  3. Chapter 20 has been extended to include more kinds of options embedded in debt and equity securities.
  4. All of the financial data has been updated and made current, including all of the examples. New problems and questions have also been added.
  5. A new ethics case involved the Unilever Global Sustainable Living Plan was added.
  6. Building intuition boxes were added to give statements showing vital financial concepts that include an example.
  7. Learning by doing applications are added that have problems designed to make students apply their intuition and analytical skills.
  8. Decision making examples were added to stress decision making processes and computation to give students experience in making financial decisions.
  9. Learning objectives show the vital material students should be certain of learning in each chapter.
  10. Before you go on section of self-study questions will allow students to be sure they understand the information in that chapter.
  11. Better Presentations and Organization: This is done through better edited and longer discussions on the key topics.
  12. The Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 2nd Edition also has an electronic edition that can be accessed to help both students and teachers in this subject.

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