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multinational-financial-management-alan-shapiroThe eBook the Multinational Financial Management Shapiro 10th Edition gives students and teachers, as well as corporate managers a conceptual outline in which all of the crucial financial choices of a multi-national firm can be examined. This includes all customary corporate finance areas, such as working capital, capital budgeting, price of capital, as well as the financial structure, in regards to the situation involving a multi-national organization.

The Multinational Financial Management Shapiro eBook gives several instances using real life situation, which include numerical as well as institutional. These show how financial analysis, along with reasoning, can be employed when resolving international financial difficulties. It is the latest edition and replaces the previous 9th edition, as well as providing additional data.

Topics Covered in Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition

Some of the topics in the Multinational Financial Management 10th Edition by Alan Shapiro include: determining exchange rates, international monetary systems, international monetary systems, currency forecasting, foreign exchange markets, currency futures, options markets, interest rate derivatives, determining transaction exposure, determining economic exposure, markets in Europe, foreign investments, corporate strategies, budgets, corp settings, currency outlook, asset management, etc.

New items in the 10th Edition of the Multinational Financial Management, Shapiro

There are several new editions to the eBook that was not included in the previous edition that will be of great interest and help to instructors and students alike. These selections include:

  1. Combines the current changes in the global financial system, predominantly the continuing European sovereign debt crisis, as well as the ongoing developments of both China and India.
  2. Additional talks on the recent volatility occurring in the worldwide monetary system, and the problems faced by policy makers in developing an exchange rate system overall.
  3. Far-reaching examination and argument on QE2, current crises, along with the organizational flaws experienced by the European Monetary Union. This is in relation to what happened to PIGS.
  4. Updated charts and drawings of business practices intended to highlight precise methods or instruction points so they can stress and strengthen all of the concepts established in each of the book’s chapters.

The Wiley Advantage for the Multinational Financial Management, 10th edition

When a customer purchases the Wiley version of this eBook, it includes digital access online as well as their printed version of the book. This includes special areas online for questions, tests, etc. that can help both students and instructors.


The bottom line is that as corporations become more global and widespread all around the world, this has caused a need for international solutions for the tools used in financial analysis. The Multinational Financial Management, 10th Edition fulfills this by exploring all of the areas from the viewpoint of global corporations and covers things that are not usually experienced by those corporations existing in the domestic world.

If you are working in the field of international finances or are studying this or other covered areas in this field, then the Multinational Financial Management, 10th Edition is a worthwhile investment that should give you useful data to use in many situations.

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