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marketingMarketing Management The Big Picture, which was written by Marta Dapena-Baron and Christie L. Nordhielm, is a course textbook that allows students to understand the big picture context of strategic marketing. Students will learn how to think several moves ahead and how to anticipate how changes in just one aspect can affect other aspects of business marketing, and how some decisions potentially have executional consequences. There are 14 parts to Marketing Management The Big Picture, which are all connected to allow the student to build the “big picture” as they make their way through the marketing text. In a world where it’s nearly impossible to look around without seeing at least one form of marketing; logo, billboard, print product placement, radio product placement, TV product placement, a selling line, internet advertising, and so forth, marketing has become an important aspect in the cultural landscape.

Marketing Management The Big Picture features integrated framework by taking the Big Picture approach so that each marketing activity that the student is presented with makes them consider every element of the big picture while encouraging critical thinking. There are real-world case studies included in the text to implement the big picture in real-world organizations. Students also have access to an online companion site that offers them additional resources such as powerpoints and a community business page on Facebook.

The text comes in two versions; Digital and print. The print version is a soft cover copy which is perfect for those who find it ideal to have printed versions of their course textbooks. The print version includes access to an online companion sites where students can find additional resources that will enhance their learning. The digital version is ideal for those who don’t want to carry heavy course textbooks around with them; The E-Text of Marketing Management The Big Picture can be viewed both offline and online on compatible devices. Whether the student makes their highlights and notes on their tablet, iPad, smart phone, or computer, their work syncs among devices so they only have to be made once.

Christie L. Nordhielm is a strategic marketing and advertising consultant and speaker and is a founding partner of Big Picture. Marta Dapena-Baron is also a founding partner of The Big Picture, and has extensive experience in the strategic marketing field. The Big Picture Partners is a strategy and marketing consulting firm that works with companies across the world to effectively implement the Big Picture Framework. Both Nordhielm and Dapena-Baron teach students how to successfully launch and run a business through effective marketing strategy.

Marketing Management The Big Picture is apart of Wiley’s Affordability Program which is Wiley’s ongoing commitment of providing every student with the chance of continuing their education with premium learning resources at an affordable price. Regardless of a student’s budget, Wiley believes this shouldn’t hinder their education and continues to provide quality Wiley course textbooks at prices that are easier to afford. By doing this, Wiley helps teachers continue to teach and students continue to learn.

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