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Information source is a very critical aspect of education. For students to get the correct skills as well as practical knowledge on any discipline, it is important to use good information sources. This is the reason libraries in schools, colleges and universities have libraries that are well stocked with a collection of wide range of books and other information sources for use by both tutors and students. The engineering discipline is very critical and thus a good information source will be important for those beginning to study the discipline. That’s why we recommend the book Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition for engineering students and tutors.

3rd Edition

The book, Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition is the most perfect source of information that can be recommended to beginning students studying engineering as a discipline. It provides a well-articulated version which is an improvement of the previous two editions, that is, first and second editions. What is important in elementary engineering is the problem solving skills as well as design. The edition typically provides a very practical and firm emphasis on the requisite engineering skills. The first two editions are very popular and have had a tremendous amount of success, meaning therefore that the third edition is equally a great source.

Distinguished authors

Written by a team of renowned team of six authors, David Dowling, Tim McCarthy, Caroline Baillie, Roger Hadgraft, Doug Hargreaves and Anna Carew, the edition demonstrates clearly what a professional in the engineering field is supposed to do and in what manner. Apart from the theoretical strength manifested by the distinguished authors, the edition provides many local and topical examples focusing majorly on a broad spectrum of engineering projects. The 816 page edition which is supposed to be out for sale by December 2015 is enriched with a long fetched experience of professional authors who have published other previous editions and books.

The scope of the edition

In all the chapters and topics within the book, Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition Dowling puts emphasis on a three major themes which include sustainability, effective communication and ethical practice. In other words, it is a comprehensive handbook that aims at moulding and producing an all-round engineering professional. It consists of an extensive coverage of the design, engineering economics, sustainability and professional responsibility concepts. The edition is designed to encourage students to apply the fundamental engineering skills and principles into practice providing numerous examples of project activities and exercises.

Difference between the 3rd edition and the previous 1st and 2nd editions

Although Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition is built from the 1st and 2nd editions, it has some differences that make it ideal for students. Firstly, its coverage on the concepts of sustainability, professional responsibility, design and engineering has been expanded in order to make it more suitable. In addition, the edition provides critical examples of engineering projects and exercises for illustration purposes. Again, it gives the reader room for critical thinking by provides numerous example of questions. Finally, the book consists of a study guide which is quite interactive.

In conclusion therefore, Engineering Your Future An Australasian Guide 3rd Edition will undoubtedly be the best source of information for engineering students. It is important therefore to purchase a copy as soon as it is out for sale and for sure it won’t disappoint.

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